How to make a Fringe Tee

How to make a Fringe Tee

Want to know how to make an awesome fringe t-shirt all your friends and family will love!

DIY Fringe T-shirt

Here is what you will need:


How to make your fringe t-shirt

Pretty sure these are the easiest shirts we have ever made.
They don’t need to be perfect.
They are your personal creation after all.


Step 1

Lay your shirt out flat on a flat surface - table or bench
Remove the bottom hem by cutting it off.

Step 2

Put on your shirt and work out how far up you want your fringe to end.
Start Cutting your fringe, about 1cm (10mm) wide and up to the hight you want.

Cut your fringe all the way across the bottom of your shirt.
We cut both front and back at the same time.



Step 3 

Pull and stretch your fringe.
Grab each fringe and pull it as far as you can, it will curt up a little. We hang the fringe over the edge of the table and pulled the down multiple at a time.

Step 4

You can leave it as is or you can decorate it, you can add pony beads or criss cross knot it. Now it's time to let your creativity side out.


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