DIY – Surgical Face Mask with Filter Pocket

DIY – Surgical Face Mask with Filter Pocket

PDF printable instructions Here 

Materials needed - 

  • Printed Pattern - Main Fabric Pattern & Lining Fabric Pattern
  • Fabric - 30in x 18in (76cm x 46cm)
  • Bias Binding – 2 x 40in (101.5cm) the wider the better.
  • And all the usual scissors, sewing machine, iron etc

 - Here We go - 

Cut out 1 - 10in x 8in (25cm x 20cm)
Cut out 2 – 10in x 5in (25cm x 12.5cm)
Cut 2 -  bias binding 40in (101.5cm)


 Cut out the little triangles on main fabric


With right sides together place the two backing fabrics on main fabric


 Over lock or straight stitch top and bottom along the long edges


Place right side facing down and iron seam inwards towards each other



Fold over about half an inch of the lining fabric towards the middle seam and iron flat



Repeat with other end and sew down


Fold back over the lining and top stitch along both long sides - top & bottom



Now here comes the tricky but cool part

You need to fold the fabric backwards and forward like a fan making pleats

Start with the first cut out triangle and fold the fabric behind.

Then at the next cut out triangle fold the fabric back towards the front

Repeat till you have 4 folds pining as you go to hold in place.


Repeat with other end making sure the folds go the same direction.

Iron flat all your pleats.



 Sew pleats down, you might need to help it a little to keep the pleats together. 


Trim edges to make them nice and neat



Find the middle of one piece of bias binding, place over the mask the side you just sewn down, pin it, put a few pins along holding the bias in place.


Sewing the bias on fold over about half an inch on one end, then fold the bias in half and start sewing your bias together.

 When you reach your mask make sure you have it pushed in firm. (as you can see, I used not very wide bias making it hard to keep in).

When near end fold about half an inch in wards and fold bias in half sewing it closed.

Repeat with other side.






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