DIY Indoor Water Garden

DIY Indoor Water Garden

"We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course its our garden that is really nurturing us"



- DIY - 
How to grow your own Indoor Water Garden

I wanted to show you how i made this fun & funky indoor water garden, from cuttings in my garden and with supplies for around $4 from kmart.


Here is a list of some popular indoor plants that you can try.

Monstera Deliciosa
Aloe Vera
Lucky Bamboo
Peace Lily
String of pearls
and don't forget that most vegetables and herbs can be grown in water. 

Plus if you are on facebook there are a couple of awesome groups that you could join.
Hydro Gown Plants Australia & Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia (C.I.P.P.A)


- Lets Get This Garden Started -  


$2 Glass Jar ( Kmart )
$2 Pebbles ( Kmart ) 
Indoor plant or cutting ( I have used a peace lily from my plant collection ) 
Tap or bottled water


Wash all the dirt from the roots of your plant 
You might need a garden hose to give them a good blast.


Wash your pebbles 
Give them a good wash in fresh water.


Fill the jar with pebbles to your desired level
remember to leave room for roots to grow.


Place plant in jar and fill with water
only fill with water too were the dirt level would have been. 

TADAH You now have your very own indoor water garden 

After Care

 Before you know it you will be addicted and have a whole house full of them, with all types of plants and rocks. In a couple of weeks you might need to tip out your water, wash your pebbles & jar and give the roots another good clean to remove the rest of the dirt. Now all you have to do is top up with water when you notice the water level dropping and occasionally give them some plant food or worm wee. If you have a compost or worm farm your plants will love that, just a few drops every few weeks. 

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  • Grannie

    Think i might bring my Hoya in from the garden and do this n now i know my Peace Lily is not getting enough water – Thanks Jess Love ya

  • Jan

    Jess you are just marvellous!!
    Love your new angle, love your passion, love your whole attitude to life. ❤️

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