DIY Halloween t-shirts

DIY Halloween t-shirts

Want to know how to bleach a shirt for halloween or any occasion. Try making these custom DIY bleached super cool looking Halloween t-shirt all your friends and family are sure to love!

DIY Halloween Bleached T-shirts

These shirts were a trial and error for us, i had the idea in my head for months and with Halloween just around the corner then why not give it ago. You never know if you don't just jump in, and it is a pretty easy craft project.

Okay, now for the fun to begin. 


Here is what you will need:

Hot Iron & Board
Spray bottle
Bleach (Coles
Print outs (got ours of the internet)
Black cotton T-shirt (got ours from Kmart)
Freezer paper / Vinyl (found in local sewing craft shop)
Scrap Cardboard


How to make your DIY t-shirt

Pretty sure these are the easiest shirts we have ever made.
They don’t need to be perfect.
You want them to be fun, messy out there and unique!
They are your personal created bleached t-shirts after all.


Start by gathering & prepping all your supplies.

  • Print out or hand draw your designs
  • Make bleach mix - we did 100ml bleach to 200ml warm water 
  • Turn iron on
  • Cut or fold scrap cardboard to fit inside your t-shirt

Trace your designs onto the freezer paper, i have coloured the bits that i want to stay black on the shirt. 


Cut out your designs. With the tricky middle bits, i fold the paper a little bit making sure the lines on both side match up, cut a little bit, unfold and cut the section out. You could always use a craft knife and cutting mat if you have one.

With a hot iron, iron on your freezer paper with shinny side down. You could always use vinyl, i want to try this with book contact to see if it works. i guess you just need anything that will block the bleach from getting on the shirt.



Peel off remove the freezer paper from the area that you want to be bleached. As you can see with the twin ghosts we want the ghosts to be bleached and with the second one we want the ghost to be black.


 Set up your work space out side in a well ventilated area.

Place your scrap cardboard inside the shirt to prevent bleach from seeping to other side, we have used a cereal box.


Carefully start spraying, You will need a fine mist. when i started on the pumpkin shirt it was very thick and would not spay properly, so i added more warm water. 


Watch the magic begin, once its has the colour you'r after ( no longer then 20min ) remove the freezer paper and wash.

Remove the cardboard, rinse out and soak for about 20min in hot water with hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Then just wash in your washing machine with normal washing liquid. Dry and tadah, You have a super cool looking Halloween t-shirt all your friends and family are sure to love!

Our DIY Halloween T-shirts




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